Japanese Plastic Food
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The Story Behind Sampuru

It seems that fake food or sampuru as it is known in Japanese seems to be all the rage nowadays. I took an in depth look at this peculiar Japanese industry during a recent visit with a manufacturer based in Osaka.

What I came to a conclusion on was this, the great plastic replica food assists in making sure that your real menu food remains fresh for long periods just as it was prepared and thus avoiding it from getting spoiled quite easily. If your bar or restaurant sells beverages like wines, sodas, juice or even salad, you require making sure that you purchase display cabinets which contain condensation evaporators as well as self-contained cooling devices for proper efficiency if you are not able to purchase your own faux food. Additionally hot food appears even more attractive and tempting to purchase when they are stored in cabinet display cases that contain rotating plates and lighting just to add onto how the food is being showcased in even the most appropriate way. The showcase should more importantly have moderate temperature to maintain the warmth of the food as it is served always.

To help you gain the most out of these food cabinet cases, you will have to keep in mind several important factors. When it comes to displaying cold varieties of food, the room temperatures needs to be five degrees Celsius. On the other hand, when focus shifts to warm food require being set at a maximum of sixty degrees Celsius. Moreover, you require understanding that displays of hot food are not necessarily imply that you can make use of them in cooking. To be on the safe side, always ensure that the food you cook attains a minimum temperature of 75 degrees Celsius prior to storing it in the food cabinet display case.

It is also good to take note that fake artificial food are not meant for showcasing or protecting the food only. They are also useful in making sure that clients are not subjected to spoiled food for even a single minute. This serves as one of the ways of maintaining their health.

Sengoku period

A Tale of Ishida Mitsunari & Uesugi Kagekatsu


Ishida Mitsunari was one of the most influential figures during the Warring States Period in Japan. Using his vast intelligence to his advantage, he was known to orchestrate trickery against his opponents like none other. One such example involved Mitsunari utilizing his intellect to strongly annoy the Mori Clan and also in the Battle of Sekigahara on the 21st day of October more than 400 years ago.  His ability to confuse those attempting to capture him lead to some very interesting outcomes.

Mogami_YoshiakiMeanwhile, Mitsunari and his own followers had faith that Uesugi Kagekatsu would be in a position to lay off Tokugawa Ieyasu by himself from going to the Western provinces for quite some great time so that the forces from these Western provinces could consolidate their forces in the provinces near Kyoto. Up to this point, many Western contingents became associated in many battles which would not only serve to get rid of them right away from the difficult fighting arena. To the dismay of the Western provinces, Kagekatsu was properly handled by Date Masamune and Mogami Yoshiaki and Ieyasu was first in moving westward along the Tokaido Avenue.

As you can see, this man Ishida Mitsunari was involved in so many activities across the entire nation of Japan. His general life in this nation since the day he was conceived seems not that easy and that is why he is technically prepared to face off anything coming his way. He passed through several battles which he survived death just by a hair, and indeed fought to success in many of them. His dignity in fighting for some aspects for the people in the Western provinces in Japan was highly appreciated. He describes the kind of leaders that this world should be having today. They need to fight for justice, engage in reproductive activities and willingness to serve everybody.

Even though this is a brief intro into the heralded life of Mitsunari, you can infer that he was a well-respected leader of his time during the Sengoku war in Japan. Having a strong fan base even today, it is possible to pick up some great mementos featuring the one and only Mitsunari from this online site focusing on Sengoku period merchandise.



In the Numbers: A Recap of the 2014 NHL Season

2014 NHL Playoffs Bracket

The 2014 season was a season to be remembered. This season saw some of the teams increase their ticket prices, such as the Chicago Blackhawks who priced their fans’ tickets more than $70 dollars a ticket. The NHL body estimated that this was more than a 2% increase among the teams. Such high prices affect attendance but diehard fans still came in droves to support their teams, such as the Toronto Maple Leafs attracted more than 4 million fans during the entire season. This was a record breaking year for them with the number of fans with tickets sold worth millions of dollars. This impressive turn out showed that the fan base of some teams really enjoy watching their teams play to the fullest in the league. This year also had one of the biggest sporting events taking place; the Winter Olympics. Sochi, in Russia, was a city built to be the most expensive Olympics competition in history. Some of the best players in the NHL represented their nations in both the U.S and Canada. This competition resulted in some NHL games being postponed; however it is every player’s dream to take part in the Olympics. The emotion and the prestige the Olympics along with the chance to medal is a dream come true experience for most if not every professional hockey player.

bet365 LogoAs the NHL season has just concluded, most teams showed outstanding performance in both conferences. The predictions and bets on which teams are expected to be champs this season is still active. For those still not ready to bet on the various playoff teams, you can get started by learning how to make a bet365 account at the famous online sportsbook’s web site. Once you’ve gone ahead and created an account, the next step is to understand how to make a deposit at bet365. You can find more information like this at http://www.bookmaker-info.com/en. After making your first deposit, you are well on your way to betting on all the stars of North America’s top sport.

Many fans enjoyed a wonderful season. The players and coaches changed teams as they tried to strengthen their sides to fight for their respective conference’s trophy. The introduction of new rules also came in to effect, the rink’s dimensions were changed as was the player’s outfit. This season also saw the introduction of a salary cap as a way to manage the teams’ expenses. This will also be a season to remember for some teams which performed dismally as they make necessary preparations for next year.