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What’s Blue, Robotic & Not Hello Kitty? Say Hello to Doraemon!

The roots of Japanese anime are found in manga which are also know as comics. Doraemon was first written like a manga series after which the anime based its story on. The anime revolves on a story about Doraemon who is a robotic cat. This cat is a stylized blue cat that has a pouch situated on its stomach. This pouch helps the robotic cat to pull out any number and or any kind of devices, ranging from flashlights to devices that are used for time travel. Initially, this robotic cat, Doraemon had ears which were crunched by a mouse that is also robotic. This experience made the cat to become melancholic at the same time developing a fear for mice, despite him being a cat and a robotic one for that matter. When hit by an emergency, Doraemon has this tendency of always panicking and he tries to pull an item that can help him deal with the situation only to come out with these huge household items that are completely unrelated to the emergency and thus very distracting. As a side note, Doraemon the cat loves eating dorayaki, which is a kind of Japanese treat that is filled with red bean paste.

Fujiko FujioDoraemon consists of 45 volumes as a manga, which lead the creators to take the brand one step further by creating Doraemon the TV series. The anime series is considered as one of the longest series in the history of Japan, having started in the year 1979, and it currently runs to this date. Thanks to the popularity of the anime series, there have been a production of 28 films that are full-length in addition to video games and other spin-offs. Merchandise featuring this infamous cat can be found at this Japanese anime shop online. This anime, thanks to the creator Fujiko Fujio, has had its volumes adapted into movies which have been released in various theaters in March each and every year from the year 1980. Most people consider this animated series called Doraemon as a second-rate product. This is because, most of the cat’s robotic features become malfunctioned after its production. Some of these features are his radar whiskers and also the cat-calling bell. In fact, when the balloon tail of the cat is pulled, it easily turns off.

With Doraemon attracting more attention than the likes of Hello Kitty domestically in Japan, it is no wonder why this feline can known as a Wonder Cat. With his popularity never ceasing to decrease, it can only be imagined that he will continue to grow his fan-base in Asia in the years to come. For more goods, etc. featuring the one and only Doraemon, check out this otaku online store. Until next time, go ahead and enjoy Fujiko Fujio’s classic tale of a blue robotic cat!