In the Numbers: A Recap of the 2014 NHL Season

2014 NHL Playoffs Bracket

The 2014 season was a season to be remembered. This season saw some of the teams increase their ticket prices, such as the Chicago Blackhawks who priced their fans’ tickets more than $70 dollars a ticket. The NHL body estimated that this was more than a 2% increase among the teams. Such high prices affect attendance but diehard fans still came in droves to support their teams, such as the Toronto Maple Leafs attracted more than 4 million fans during the entire season. This was a record breaking year for them with the number of fans with tickets sold worth millions of dollars. This impressive turn out showed that the fan base of some teams really enjoy watching their teams play to the fullest in the league. This year also had one of the biggest sporting events taking place; the Winter Olympics. Sochi, in Russia, was a city built to be the most expensive Olympics competition in history. Some of the best players in the NHL represented their nations in both the U.S and Canada. This competition resulted in some NHL games being postponed; however it is every player’s dream to take part in the Olympics. The emotion and the prestige the Olympics along with the chance to medal is a dream come true experience for most if not every professional hockey player.

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Many fans enjoyed a wonderful season. The players and coaches changed teams as they tried to strengthen their sides to fight for their respective conference’s trophy. The introduction of new rules also came in to effect, the rink’s dimensions were changed as was the player’s outfit. This season also saw the introduction of a salary cap as a way to manage the teams’ expenses. This will also be a season to remember for some teams which performed dismally as they make necessary preparations for next year.


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