Sengoku period

A Tale of Ishida Mitsunari & Uesugi Kagekatsu


Ishida Mitsunari was one of the most influential figures during the Warring States Period in Japan. Using his vast intelligence to his advantage, he was known to orchestrate trickery against his opponents like none other. One such example involved Mitsunari utilizing his intellect to strongly annoy the Mori Clan and also in the Battle of Sekigahara on the 21st day of October more than 400 years ago.  His ability to confuse those attempting to capture him lead to some very interesting outcomes.

Mogami_YoshiakiMeanwhile, Mitsunari and his own followers had faith that Uesugi Kagekatsu would be in a position to lay off Tokugawa Ieyasu by himself from going to the Western provinces for quite some great time so that the forces from these Western provinces could consolidate their forces in the provinces near Kyoto. Up to this point, many Western contingents became associated in many battles which would not only serve to get rid of them right away from the difficult fighting arena. To the dismay of the Western provinces, Kagekatsu was properly handled by Date Masamune and Mogami Yoshiaki and Ieyasu was first in moving westward along the Tokaido Avenue.

As you can see, this man Ishida Mitsunari was involved in so many activities across the entire nation of Japan. His general life in this nation since the day he was conceived seems not that easy and that is why he is technically prepared to face off anything coming his way. He passed through several battles which he survived death just by a hair, and indeed fought to success in many of them. His dignity in fighting for some aspects for the people in the Western provinces in Japan was highly appreciated. He describes the kind of leaders that this world should be having today. They need to fight for justice, engage in reproductive activities and willingness to serve everybody.

Even though this is a brief intro into the heralded life of Mitsunari, you can infer that he was a well-respected leader of his time during the Sengoku war in Japan. Having a strong fan base even today, it is possible to pick up some great mementos featuring the one and only Mitsunari from this online site focusing on Sengoku period merchandise.